Life never tasted so.....good !!
* Eat lots - lose more
* Proper food combining
* Nutritional support
*No magic
*No pills
  1. One on One Counselling
    This provides you with a personal and confidential service to discuss your needs. It helps you stay accountable for achieving your goals.
  2. Safely lose 2 lbs per week
    You may lose more your first couple of weeks depending on your metabolism. if you stick to the program you will see results.
  3. Grocery store bought food
    The food choices we make are the most important element of a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition is essential for healthy cell replication and repair. A diet rich in whole-foods, fresh foods, in real foods can impact our lives more than anything.
  4. Repair, rebuild, restore, replenish
    Out of the ten leading causes of death, 4 are linked to poor dietary choices: heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. A poor diet comes with the risk of obesity, tooth decay, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and depression.
  5. Adolescent Programs available
    Most of us are eating processed foods, sweetened foods or foods loaded with artificial flavors and chemicals. If we make the choice to teach our children conscious choices they can grow with the knowledge.
  6. Digestive Health, Colon Cleansing
    A growing number of Health Professionals are concluding that Colon Problems are key factors behind most of our illnesses. Fiber is essential and we need 30 grams per day. We need to keep our bodies cleansed.
Promotes healthy growth in children
Prevents cholesterol problems
Manages blood pressure
Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, iron deficiency
Improves energy levels
Builds strong bones and immunce system
Improves energy levels
Fosters mental health and a positive attitude
Weight management
Your outlook can affect your health, and your health can affect your outlook. That's why a healthy mental attitude is the keystone.  Although thinking possitively seems like a solution out of a child's book, multiple studies published in grown-up medical journals have found actual health benefits.  As you become healthier, your stress will decrease, you'll gain confidence as you take charge and your coping skills will improve.  A healthy mental attitude will allow you to weather any storm or setback.  But you'll need to first believe that change is possible.  Although the mechanisms behind the health benefits are unknown, people who are happier tend to exercise more, have better relationships, shun drugs and alcohol and get plenty of sleep.